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Growing up in Eastbourne in a sailing family I was either next to water, on it or in it for as long as I can remember.  Moving to London I ran a branch of the family business designing custom made built-in furniture, and then later moved to Dorset. I worked for many years as a  Creative Artist for Lewis Manning Hopsice which I found to be incredibly rewarding.  Some of the tecniques I used were watercolour and acrylic painting, hobby ceramics, silk painting, textile work,  needle felting and others depending on what was needed by the patients. 

I continued my own artwork during this time, and found that being in my sea kayak out along our incredible coastline as well as further west and abroad, has given me much of my inspiration for painting and helped me to be able to 'read' the water and revel in the sky. Getting back into sailing recently has given me a new viewpoint and a greater understanding of the sea, and  a chance to develop my artwork further.

Some of my work can be seen at :


Fossil Blue Gallery                                                    

Quarterjack Mews                                                  

11b East Street                              


Dorset BH21 1DS    


David Lloyd Gym Conference Room

Cabot Lane



My work has been seen at:

Dorset Artweeks 2018

Inside Out Painters Annual Exhibition Wimborne 2013-2018

Lewis Manning Open Art Exhibitions  Gallery Upstairs

Lewis Manning Open Art Exhibition Hallmark, Chairmans choice winner 

I have been commissioned to paint a wide variety of subjects largely in oils, my prefered medium, but also acrylic and watercolour depending on the subject matter.  Each has brings its own challenge and reward.

If you are interested in any of my recent paintings, or are thinking of a commissiion, I would love to hear from you.

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